Tropical Rodents and Other Exotic Pests

Hi folks! Sophia here.

Today I’m going to talk about a controversial subject.

It might not be all fun and games, in fact many of you might want to skip ahead past this to our most fun stuff.

I’ve always been a very deliberate and cautious person with an extreme attention to detail. When I plan out my tropical rainforest vacations, I want to plan for every single contingency. Don’t get me wrong, I love the opportunity to leave the hectic 9-5 of my normal life, and travel from the suburban sprawl of my home to the pristine nature of my favorite travel destinations. But I also like my creature comforts, which just so ironically happen to not include… creatures.

Tropical pests and pest control

They sure can ruin an otherwise beautiful vacation, so it’s best to go prepared.

By now, you must have heard about the threat of Zika and mosquito borne viruses which has been scaring many snowbirds away from their usual travel plans.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today, today I want to talk about.

Rodents… eek!

Mice, rats, voles, capybaras and all the similar ilk can seem furry and cute to some.

And absolutely revolting and horrifying to others.

If you’re in the first camp, like I was growing up for much of my life, here is some sobering information about the possible threats of mice infestation. It’s critical to learn why we need to get rid of rats and mice in the first place.

If you’re not currently on vacation, you might have the supplies lying around your home to build your own homemade rat trap.

Otherwise, I would suggest looking for a solution that you can pack in your bags.

Yes, you might get some funny looks… 

Be prepared to be the only traveller getting off in Negril or San Salvador airport with a bunch of mousetraps in your luggage. Your family members might look at you like you’ve gone crazy. That’s what happened to me in the Summer of ’05, but let me tell you… when we encountered an island party of sugar-starved rats, I was happy to have a simple electric trap that I put out to save the vacation. I did some research and found a great resource that shows the best mouse trap you can buy for any particular budget.

Caribbean Species of Mice are different from those at home

The simple western ‘house mouse’ that we encounter in the continental United States is much less tenacious than those that can be found on the islands.

Especially with over friendly tourists feeding them!

You might want to keep this in mind when researching your particular holiday destination, and make sure that the mouse killer that you choose is best for the particular species (and more importantly size) of mouse, rat or rodent that you are intending to rid yourself of.

Even the best, 5-star resorts often have pest control issues.

You might not see it on the Sandals commercial, back home on Superbowl Sunday, but believe you me it happens everywhere.

It’s not necessarily a poor hygiene or cleanliness issue on behalf of the resort owners, not always at least. The very tropical climate itself is an environment that teams with life and biodiversity. It’s not realistic to expect that the creatures of the rainforest will simply be displaced and leave their homes as soon as a cruise ship terminal is put in.

It’s nice to have high expectations, especially once you’ve already opened up your wallet and purse and given your kids’ college savings over to the travel agent for your next vacation. But when it comes down to it, and you find a nasty surprise once you check in to your room, you have two options.

  1. Let it ruin your entire vacation
  2. Come prepared, and take care of business yourself

I know my decision, do you?