Jamaica Regions


Although not as popular as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios has its share of  beautiful beaches and duty-free shopping plazas, restaurants and street  vendors. There is no shortage of tour guides waiting to be at your  service. Oho Rios sports some of the islands most extravagant resorts  and host one of Jamaica’s premier natural attraction, the Dunn’s River  Falls.

Dunn River Falls-  enjoy a guided climb up the world-famous Dunn Falls or explore on your  own, either way you won’t want to miss this one of a few water falls  that actually empties into the ocean. as you climb the falls you will be  surrounded by lush vegetation that the Forrest provides.

Mystic Mountain-  Slide down one of Jamaica’s newest tourist attraction, Mystic Mountain  on a Bobsled though the forest.  You will be ride a zip-line, enjoy a  water slide and infinity pool.

Mahogany Beach – If going to the beach is on your  list of things to do, you might not want to miss Mahogany beach.  This  private beach is located on the east end of Ocho Rios. This beach offers  beach-side massages, parasailing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling,  along with a private swimming area, bathrooms and a bar and grille.

James Bond Beach- This tropical setting is on the  Northern coast east of Och Rios near Port Maria. Jame Bond Beach offers  beautiful views and lush palms for relaxing near the beach. It is more  secluded than many of the beaches and you will have to pay to get in.  James Bond Beach provides a shower and changing area.  If a cool  refreshing drink is something you have to have while relaxing on the  beach.you can grab one from the MoonRakers bar and restaurant.


In contrast to Montego Bay, Port Antonio is where you will want to  head if you are looking to get away from the crowds. Nestled between  twin harbors on the island’s northeast curve, mist-shrouded Blue  Mountains drop down to the seas provide hidden coves and secluded  beaches that also make it the most romantic setting and is the preferred  location for nature lovers. Nostalgia also abounds in Port Antonio and  boast beautiful examples of Victorian and Caribbean architecture.